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The Combine is a single-seater manned by Raul Martinez. He is a schooled graphic designer with a Master's degree in Visual Communication and a decade of experience in projects regarding corporate identity, branding and strategy, online communications (webdesign, applications, usability testing, social media), animation, illustration and photography.

With a client spectrum ranging from entrepreneuring individuals to multinational corporations, he has worked in several countries and is fluent in Spanish, English and Dutch. He also teaches graphic-design to the new generation and enjoys working in multicultural environments and interdisciplinary teams.


"I promote design as a thinking process and not just a pass at style. I follow visual communication wherever technology takes it and enjoy discussing current media and trends in order to understand their influence in people's behavior and how these shape interpersonal relationships, business and societies at large.

I work with a user-centred approach and my design philosophy is that form shall follow function while acknowledging that emotion is still the key human factor for choice at any level."


• Combined since `08
• Daddy since `07
• Dutch since `06
• Philologist since `03
• MDes since `00
• Expat since `98
• Tax-payer since `96
• Designer since `94
• Photographer since `92
• Philosopher since `90
• Storyteller since `88
• Computerphile since `86
• Gamer since `83
• Sci-fi fan since `81
• Draftsman since `79
• Big bro' since `77
• Mexican since `74

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